Nearby dining

J Plus’s unique location in Causeway Bay allows guests to take advantage of a superb range of Hong Kong’s finest Chinese and international dining opportunities. Budget local eateries, pubs, sushi bars and fine dining, and even Michelin rated restaurants are also only minutes away. Next door to the hotel, guests can enjoy ‘Pacific Coffee’ an outlet of a local chain of fine coffee purveyors; "Tiger Curry" an unique curry which can only be described by three words: “Sweet… Spicy… Good!” ; " Yukiniku Futago HK" a Japanese BBQ restaurant established by Twins from Osaka Japan.

Pacific Coffee

J Plus' neighbour Pacific Coffee has a passion for coffee. They are committed to making their coffeehouses an urban oasis that promotes a slower pace of life. They strive to provide customers with great quality coffee and beverages, a really comfortable place to hang out and plenty of complementary food choices.

Tiger Curry

Ferociously delicious, the hip new restaurant and takeout window boasts a secret Japanese recipe created by Chef Satoru.

Yakiniku Futago

The delicious Japanese BBQ restaurant Yakiniku Futago is located next to the J Plus building.